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A digital tool for participatory diagnosis of health and well-being at school
Country: France
Website: Filgood
Contact Person: Sofia El Yousfi


FILGOOD is a digital tool for collective and participative diagnosis of student’s well-being that promotes the mobilization of the educational community around a project of promotion and health education at school.

Indeed, "the approach, which does not stigmatize individual behavior, proves to be an effective device to make sense of the health promotion policy. The diagnosis is said to be participatory because, beyond the individual results, the exchanges are built to become a method of consultation for the intervention. "(Berger et al., 2012)
To do this, education professionals have access to an online questionnaire of 16 questions covering the five main areas of global health. Students respond anonymously on two aspects: perceived health and lived health.

Students have access to their results presented in the form of a diagram that will serve as a basis for small group discussions led by members of the educational team.

Beyond the individual diagnosis, the data collected allow the educational team to determine the priority actions to be carried out in the area of health education among students.

This innovative device makes it possible to offer institutions support on the health of students through a global and positive approach.



Level of development:

Marketed with well-documented field experience

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