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Smart PPE

Developping 21st century protective equipment
Country: Switzerland
Website: Smart PPE
Contact Person: Matthieu Gani


Reusable : Contrarily to most of the equipment used during the 2013-2016 Ebola outbreak in West Africa, our aim is to design a reusable solution. This reduces dramatically the total cost of ownership of such PPE by reducing transport and storage costs. It also reduces the amount of infectious waste that must be disposed of.

Integrated : The suit is a single-piece garment, integrating full-body, head and face protection, in order to provide a more efficient protection and simplify dressing and undressing procedures.

Ventilated : A ventilation system is a big challenge to use and maintain in the targeted context of tropical climates in potentially remote rural areas. This is why the system we are designing will be particularly robust, requiring no maintenance, and powerful enough to keep healthcare workers at a comfortable temperature even during their most tiring duties.


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Prototype but not yet marketed or available for regular use

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