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An intelligent stethoscope for the diagnosis of childhood pneumonia
Country: Switzerland
Website: Pneumoscope
Contact Person: Alain Gervaix


Pneumoscope, the first 3 in 1 multiparameter medical device, combines a digital stethoscope, an oximeter and a thermometer.

Lung sounds, O2 blood saturation, and temperature are transmitted to a mobile app for analysis in real time and recognition of respiratory sound signatures by AI- algorithms. The app informs the user on the likely diagnosis, the severity of the condition and suggests an appropriate management.

The automation of lung sound recognition using AI opens auscultation to many health agents, such as nurses, pharmacists and HCWs for a rapid and correct management of respiratory diseases. Costs are lowered and quality of care improved.

Level of development:

Prototype but not yet marketed or available for regular use

pneumoscope 02   pneumoscope 03   pneumoscope 04


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