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The Biomedical Research Data Platform

Comprehensive biomedical data management platform accelerating collaboration, innovation and powering machine learning for biomedical research
Country: USA
Website: Flywheel
Contact Person: Amina Chebira


Flywheel offers comprehensive data management solutions for researchers seeking to transform productivity and collaboration in imaging research, clinical trials, multi-center studies and machine learning. Our platform provides end-to-end solutions to streamline data capture from multiple sources, curate it to common standards, automate processing and machine learning pipelines and provide for secure collaboration in life sciences, clinical, academic, and AI organizations. Flywheel provides your research team with:

  • Cross-platform data and algorithm interoperability
  • Secure and compliant data discovery across a global network of collaborators
  • Cloud scalable and on-premise computational workflows for research and clinical applications
  • Provenance for reproducibility
  • SDKs and open-rest APIs



Level of development:

Marketed with well-documented field experience


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