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Real-time detector of bio-contamination, including virus aerosol, bacteria, fungal spore, pollen, and pollutants
Country: Switzerland
Website: Plair
Contact Person: Svetlana Kiseleva


Bio-contaminants pose a serious threat in fabrication processes of numerous industrial and pharmaceutical products. Microorganisms such as fungi, bacteria, and viruses can cause significant damage, going from putting patient's lives in jeopardy to creating financial losses and time-consuming burdens.

Rapid-C is based on proprietary cutting-edge technology that uses laser-induced fluorescence and light scattering detection, providing unprecedented high-level output in particle counts. It is designed for indoor environments, enabling real-time, continuous and automated microbial environmental monitoring.

Rapid-C can be used in pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food, and aerospace industries. Hospitals can use Rapid-C to prevent hospital-acquired infections in operating theaters and intensive care units. It can even be used as a prevention tool for pandemic outbreaks used in airports, trains, and public areas.


Plair SA

Level of development:

Marketed but with little documented field experience


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