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NOMAD - Noyau optimisé de la fabrication additive distribuée

Closing the loop, opening possibilities
Country: Brazil
Website: Nomad
Contact Person: João Victor Correia de Melo


Additive Manufacturing (AM) enables production on a smaller scale with lower values than traditional methods. This process, combined with the reuse of local production waste, can revolutionize supply chains and circularity in the development and distribution of objects. This project aims to develop an AM system aligned to distributed recycling (DR) considering its impacts and possibilities of application in healthcare.

The reuse of polymers for AM can lead to DR solutions, allowing local manufacturing from nearby discards, which can facilitate the readjustment of the supply chain and the inclusion of social groups, such as waste pickers and recycling cooperatives.

Level of development:

Prototype but not yet marketed or available for regular use


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